Brainwave visualisation

The aim of my graduation work was to present the brainwave activity during sleep and daytime (different kind of activities) in a way that anyone can understand without any previous biology and medical knowledge. To get the raw data from the brain I used the Neurosky Mindwave Headset. For my visual system I used the 8 frequency range (delta, theta, low alpha, high alpha, low beta, high beta, low gamma, high gamma).


I added to each of these frequency ranges one of the light’s spectrum color, delta is the red, theta is the orange, low alpha is the yellow, high alpha is the green, low beta is the light blue, high beta is the blue, low gamma is the purple, high gamma is the violet, each of them with a lower opacity for the better transparency. For presenting the data value I used the circle as a simple form. The diameter of the circle is depends on how high is the value of the given brainwave. The circles are placed on a matrix where one point is one second. Eight circle are on each point, these are the eight brainwave frequency range with the different colors. In one row are sixty circles that means one row is one minute. The “reading” goes from left to right and from up to down, like in normal reading. In this matrix we can easily follow the story of the given activity. For example on the sleeping records we can see where was the REM phase and how long was it.


Date: 2015